First time recording. Seasoned pro? Somewhere in between?

No matter where you start, we'll help get where you want to be. We understand that great gear by itself doesn't create a hit. Instead, we believe the collaboration of great people is what creates unforgettable music.

Bass Studio - Visalia Music School Lessons
Keyboard Studio - Visalia Music School Lessons

At Visalia Music Studio, we are driven to achieve the major studio sound for a fraction of the major studio price. Our upbeat team of engineers, producers, and musicians have the experience necessary to record, mix, and master your next record.

Our studio resides within the Visalia Music School campus. Before you come into the studio, we can intonate and setup your instruments in our Repair Shop with fresh strings from our Music Store.

for singer/songwriters

  • Record your Creations

  • Publish your Work

  • Expand your Fanbase


For your Band

  • Start-to-finish production

  • Experience studio quality sound

  • Engage your fans with new content

Hire our studio musicians

  • Our musicians help you save time & money

  • Gain the benefit of creative collaboration

  • Watch your music flourish




Choose your option:


By Hour

$60 per hour


By Day

$360 per day


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  • We work with you to help discover your sound and brand

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