Tuition Overview

At Visalia Music School, we offer lots of options to meet your learning and budget goals!

"Affordable, Engaging & Fun!"

Voice | Piano | Guitar | Violin | Drums | Dance

Mommy and Me | Preschool Music | Music for Big Kids

  • Preschool Music - $60/month
  • (12) Week Course - $68 Split-pay, Tuition: $204

*Full Course Enrollment Required

"You can add a student for only $10!"

Mom, dad, sister, or cousin; the Family Share Plan was created to maintain the pace of private instruction while cutting down the cost of tuition!

All Instruments! All Ages!

  • Student One: Private Session Pricing
  • Student Two: $10/Session


Have more than (2) students?

Request more info here on how to get your own private group!

*Four Lesson Minimum Enrollment

"Expert Instruction at an affordable price!"

Grow at your own pace with individualized learning! Private Instruction allows you to customize your learning to reach your goals at a much faster pace!

All Instruments! All Ages!

  • Expert Instructor: $30/Session
  • Master Instructor: $35/Session

*Four Lesson Minimum Enrollment