After teaching thousands of music students, with the guidance of hundreds of industry professionals, we have collected, analyzed, and curated the best techniques and ideas to deliver a winning formula for success.


Though most big corporations safeguard their trade secrets under lock and key, we don't feel the need to do so. We strive to be different and we think that sharing our method is an excellent way for you to get to know us. It may be old-fashioned, but we live by the philosophy that a "rising tide raises all ships." When you win, we win.


So what is our method?
We believe learning is a lot like starting and maintaining a campfire. Inspiration is the spark that lights the tinder, goal setting is the kindling that starts the flame, and the slow-burning logs that keep the fire alive represent the confidence gained when goals are achieved.

Adult playing saxophone music next to electric guitar during lessons at Visalia Music School

Benefits of Music

Music is loaded with health benefits.


Inspire Greatness.

It's no secret that inspiration can help move mountains. People are motivated to overcome enormous obstacles against overwhelming odds with the right dose of inspiration. The movie industry knows this and creates award-winning magic time and time again. It's no coincidence that underdog stories continually hit the big screen. Everyone loves a good inspiration story — they're powerful. So why leave such a powerful device to movie makers alone? Cue Visalia Music School. We are constantly exchanging ideas to inspire greatness. We truly strive to keep our students inspired with custom repertoire, an engaging learning environment, and a positive student-teacher rapport.

Set Goals.

Inspiration alone doesn't move mountains — you need a plan of action as well. Our instructors assess and meet students where they're at to create customized learning plans and to set goals based on individual needs. Setting goals and planning is essential, but it's also important to find a healthy balance between planning and executing those plans. In short, we have a plan and we will help you get it done promptly.

Build Confidence.

Our instructors break down the learning plan into goals and then further down to create mini-goals. During a lesson, a student can complete several mini-goals and receive confidence building praise for doing so. The confidence built from achieving these mini-goals is foundational to a student's development and instrumental in completing set goals. New and more challenging goals can then be established with the added benefit of fresh motivation from recently completed goals. In other words, the cycle repeats itself — inspiration, goal setting, and confidence building.