Make Time for You with Hobbies You Can Start at Any Age

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Many of us had after-school activities and hobbies we enjoyed as kids. Sadly, many adults drop those hobbies when they grow up. It’s never too late to take up a new hobby, though, and the benefits of hobbies last a lifetime. The internet is a limitless resource for ideas, or you can join up with friends to enjoy a hobby together.

Learn a New Skill

The great thing about learning a new skill is that it gives you the opportunity to explore

something different from what you do in everyday life. These are a few skills that will serve you well whatever your walk of life may be:

Learn to play an instrument - Explore your love of music by learning to play an instrument. Once you get the hang of it, spending time playing an instrument becomes a passion that adds tremendous value to life.

Take art lessons - This hobby can be whatever inspires you, from crafting techniques like scrapbooking to drawing to professional art instruction. Many local art centers also offer classes for everyone from beginners to advanced.

Cooking and baking - Whether you’re a novice or want to take your skill to another level, there are plenty of ways you can learn to cook and bake. Use the internet and classic cookbooks for instruction, or find a class at your local community college. This is a fun hobby to share with friends as well.

Fitness That’s Fun

You may want to try an activity like walking or swimming that you do on your own, which many people find to be relaxing and great for their mental health -- especially seniors, people suffering from depression, and recovering addicts. Reducing stress is one of the top reasons to have a hobby, and you can maximize this mental health benefit with meditative physical fitness.

Exercise Your Brain

While getting off the couch and moving is great for your body, you may also enjoy a hobby that keeps your mind active. These are some of our favorite “brainy” hobbies.

Join (or start) a book club - If you love to read but struggle to make time for it, give yourself a little extra motivation by joining a book club. Reading a page-turner is even more fun when you can share it with friends. Being in a book club is also a source of inspiration for finding new favorite authors and titles.

Learn computer programming - Computer coding is a world of language that is increasingly valuable in many fields. Learning to code gives you a new creative outlet while also stretching your mind, and it may even be a skill that helps your career. According to Business Insider, you can learn to code for free online.

Just for Fun

It’s also perfectly fine to do hobbies that are just for fun. In fact, finding something you enjoy doing that isn’t necessarily geared towards accomplishing a goal is one of the best ways to disconnect from your mental to-do list and actually enjoy yourself. Doing a hobby just for the sheer pleasure can be something you do on your own, like gardening or listening to music. It can also be a way to spend more time with friends or meet new people. Wise Bread recommends community theater, video gaming, and tabletop games.

The joy of hobbies is endless, no matter what age you are. Perhaps you have a creative side and have always wanted to pursue an art form or just need more time for what you love. Whatever your motivation is, there’s no time like the present to make it happen.