Music is a powerful ally in the enrichment of your life, and you don't need to be the next Stevie Wonder to experience these benefits.

Below we've provided some great content alongside some fun videos from TED-Ed that we thought you might enjoy. Cheers!


Improve your Memory Capacity

Learning to play an instrument helps the mind to be alert and active; this leads to an improved memory regardless of age. Also, learning an instrument increases your ability to store audio information which facilitates the process of learning new languages while improving verbal memory in your native language.

Self-discovery and identity

As an art form, music acts as a channel to express emotion that helps to create a sense of independence. By extension, the process of learning an instrument builds confidence that integrates a sense of achievement to foster self-discovery and identity.

enjoy the Health Benefits

Playing an instrument acts as a form of therapy in that it fosters calmness of both mind and body. Alongside this calming effect, music has been found to decrease blood-pressure while additional studies suggest that music therapy aids children with ADD, insomnia, and depression.

Have fun and Relieve some Stress

Even after learning just three simple chords, you can begin to play hundreds of popular songs. The sound of your music in conjunction with the creative and emotional expression of playing an instrument can release endorphins and substantially decrease your stress level.

Develop Responsibility, Discipline, and Perseverance

Learning an instrument takes both time and effort which aids in the development of patience and perseverance. A notable amount of focus and repetition is required to master a musical piece entirely without mistakes. Due to the challenge of mastery, you gain self-discipline and the responsibility necessary to maintain a regular practice schedule.


At the Visalia Music School, it’s never too late to learn an instrument. Whether that instrument is your voice, a piano, a guitar, a drum set, or etcetera, playing music is both fun and beneficial for all ages.