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Since 2011, Visalia Music School has done more than teach music lessons: We've changed lives. Guided by the input of hundreds of industry professionals, we curate the best techniques and ideas in music education to provide an experience in music we believe everyone deserves. Visalia Music School and it's various satellite locations strive to make every minute of each lesson worth taking. To maximize learning our lessons are paired with a mobile app that manages lesson content and scheduling, making sure you never miss a beat.


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Visalia Music School works hard to find humble, focused instructors with the experience that matters. Even our support staff are required to take music lessons. Music is for everyone and just because our support staff deals with scheduling, billing, and inventory, doesn’t mean they can't experience the joys of learning an instrument. We want to give our guests a fresh, stress-free, and wholesome music experience. Most of all, we want to rock the world and prove that everyone can enjoy the gift of music.

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California native Robert Melendez is passionate about music. Robert is a classically trained musician that enjoys a steady musical diet of Funk, Soul, and a variety of Latino Music. From humble beginnings as a brass musician to cross-country travels as a bassist, he has learned from some of the best in the industry. Robert blames his passion for music on his father who enthusiastically sang, "Get Up" by James Brown every morning of his childhood. Inspired by the infectious rhythm of James Brown, Robert's passion for music remains strong decades later to present-day. Robert, now a Grammy Member, is also a bit of a sound-nerd from adventures in the realm of recording and production. Robert believes that a career in music may not be for everyone, but that doesn't mean music can't take a transformative role in your life.

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Robert Melendez

Director of Performing Arts