Tuition Overview

At Visalia Music School, we offer lots of options to meet your learning and budget goals!


Affordable, Engaging & Fun!

Affordable, fun, and beneficial! Our 8 week group courses are a great way to learn an instrument, and save a few bucks!

Voice | Piano | Guitar | Violin | Drums

Preschool Music & Movement

Music for Big Kids

  • Payment Options:
    • $136 for 8 Week Course

*Minimum 8 Week Enrollment

*Pop, Rock & Blues Band: $225/8 Weeks


Add a Student for $10 per session

Mom, dad, sister, or cousin; the Family Share Plan was created to maintain the pace of private instruction with 2-3 students while cutting down the cost of tuition!

All Instruments!

All Ages!

  • Student One: Private Session Pricing
  • Student Two: $10/Session
  • Student Three: $10/Session

*Two Student Minimum

*Four Session Minimum Enrollment


As low as $30 per session

Grow at your own pace with individualized learning! Private Instruction allows you to customize your learning to reach your goals at a much faster pace!

All Instruments!

All Ages!

  • Intermediate Instructor: $30/Session
  • Expert Instructor: $35/Session
  • Master Instructor: $40/Session

*Four Session Minimum Enrollment